At BC&B Law we foresee, care for, defend and add value to our client's assets, accompanying them at all times with highly qualified and specialized human capital to give them peace of mind, watch over their interests and boost their businesses through the culture of legality and innovation.

We are a team of lawyers and professionals with expertise in different areas to advise our clients in a comprehensive manner on all the needs, challenges and contingencies that they may encounter in the development of their professional and personal practices.

We have one of the most complete and specialized teams in Intellectual Property litigation to handle any controversy that may jeopardize the interests of our clients. This way we ensure the planning of the ideal strategy for your defense, as well as the selection of the appropriate legal and technical team to guarantee the highest competence and good results in the most sophisticated litigation in the field.
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Unfortunately, the usurpation of trademarks and copyrights not only damages the economy of a country, by avoiding tax revenues from legal commercial transactions and encouraging the creation of jobs, but it is also present in the pharmaceutical industry, in medicines, causing great damage to the health of Mexicans and has been used as a means to finance operations of organized crime. In BC&B we assist our clients by developing training programs for authorities; protection and monitoring of marketing and distribution channels of products; border measures (registering trademarks and copyrights in the Mexican Customs); preparing complaints before the Specialized Unit for the Investigation of Crimes against Copyrights and Industrial Property of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic; coordinating anti-counterfeiting and trademark counterfeiting operations; and cooperating with federal public ministries, investigators, government agencies and customs agencies in the detection of counterfeit products, packaging and supplies used for trademark counterfeiting and piracy.

Intellectual property is today more than a legal tool, it is also a tool for doing business, taking full advantage of its potential. We help our clients by designing strategies to build intellectual property rights portfolios to maintain their competitive advantages with a global vision.

The Technology Transfer Office, recognized by PROSOFT 4.0, has the experience, personnel, and tools necessary to support all the technology transfer processes of our clients. Whether to acquire or sell technology. From the negotiation strategies and the determination of royalty amounts to the formalization and follow-up of the corresponding contracts.

In an open innovation environment where knowledge is increasingly generated by more than one person, the risk of infringing intellectual property rights of third parties is increasingly higher. We have the experience and databases necessary to determine the risk of a product infringing third party intellectual property rights, even during its development, and to prevent conflicts once it is launched to the market.

The intellectual property environment in the pharmaceutical industry is intense and complex. As pioneers in linking the patent system with regulatory processes and obtaining second medical use patents, we have the experience to guide our clients through international treaty provisions, clinical data exclusivity, regulatory proceedings, and government procurement.

Having a unique product or service that has no viable technical substitutes for a government purchaser is one of the legal requirements that justify the direct award of a contract. We have the experience to support our clients in the documentation of the technical justification to achieve successful procurement processes on this basis, also using intellectual property rights for such justification.

The secrets of an organization determine its competitiveness, and the safeguarding of the information, its classification and administration within the organizations is fundamental to be able to enforce the rights derived from such secrets. That is why, with tools aligned with information security standards, we encourage our clients to keep their secrets confidential with a methodology based on risk assessment.

We can establish the cash value of those assets that have no physical substance, such as trademarks, contracts or operating permits, but that generate value in organizations, and make the appropriate reports to the needs of our clients to provide certainty to their business plans, transactions, and corporate and tax strategies.

Our Franchising and Distribution practice combines knowledge and experience from various areas of the Firm, including Corporate, Intellectual Property, Administrative, Regulatory and Business Transformation. At BC&B, we assist our clients in developing, implementing and converting their business into a Franchise model by providing comprehensive legal advice; drafting Franchise Offering Circulars, Master Franchise, Franchise, and Sub-Franchise Agreements; and registering such agreements with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

At BC&B, we provide a comprehensive legal service to the entire entertainment industry (musical, sports, video games, theater, film, streaming, television), including content generators, distributors and exhibitors, and streaming platforms, advising them in all stages of Pre-Production or Development, Production and Post-Production, including: Purchase of Rights, Chain of Title Review, Writers and Screenwriters Contracts, Script Review and Clearance, Project Structuring and Financing, Tax Stimulus (Eficine: Art. 189 of the LISR), Registration of Works and Contracts with INDAUTOR; Crew/Staff Contracts, Locations, Actors, Directors, Producers, Composers, Suppliers, Production or Co-Production, Product Placement, Licensing/Releases, Contract Extensions, Final Cut Clearance, Music Synchronization, Editing and Special Effects, E&O Insurance: Errors & Omissions, Distribution and Exhibition Contracts.

Legal Consulting

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We offer our clients a wide range of legal services that allow them to have the comprehensive and timely advice necessary to start, shield, optimize, and defend their business and its most valuable elements. As well as to help them to solve those contingencies that naturally occur on a daily basis, both in the commercial and personal sphere.

Intellectual Property

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Protecting industrial and intellectual developments, creativity and inventiveness through legal mechanisms is fundamental to guarantee the exclusive exploitation rights of our clients, as well as their economic interests.
Leaders in the field, we have the experience, infrastructure and human capital to protect the innovation of our clients.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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We accompany you from the moment you conceive a good idea until you take it to the market. Regardless of the stage of development, we boost your project through financing and technology transfer strategies, as well as designing or complementing your business plan.

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We offer a broad range of legal services in order to support our clients in an integral manner.

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