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We created the first retail community in Mexico.

What is retail?

Retail encompasses the sale of goods and services to consumers through establishments, stores, ecommerce and transactions between marketers.

The Challenge

Retail is complex and the speed of business today is accelerated. The way expertise is created is through the internal workings of each organization and this results in limited functional training.

Our main objective is to establish a collaborative community that fosters innovation and transformation of businesses that operate in retail ecosystems.

The Problem

  • Retail is complex (sellers or buyers).
  • The speed of business is accelerated.
  • Expertise is regularly generated internally.
  • Functional training is limited.
  • Collaboration and networking groups are scarce.
  • The need for a specialized community is clear.


To any business in retail ecosystems.

Multidisciplinary team, experts in technology, marketing, and business.

Specialized know-how at a fraction of the cost of an in- house team.

Efficient alternative for SMEs, Startups, and multi-national companies

Efficient alternative for SMEs, Startups, and multi-national companies.

Functional consulting, exchange of experiences and solutions to common challenges in the retail world.


How does it work?

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Products trading or manufacturing

Physical: Store chain.

Digital: Self-owned online stores or marketplaces.

  • Expertise acquired through experience.
  • Wish to start or increase your Retail sales.
  • Need for challenge-solution through experiences.
  • Eagerness for a functional training given by experts.
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Chains with more than 10 stores

Product related Multi-branches-product categories-affiliates.

  • Customer services targeted to final consumers.
  • Desire to expand or optimize the number of branches.
  • Operating, commercial and organizational challenges.
  • Opportunity to share with operative colleagues.

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