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Because innovation requires the combination of what is desirable for the market with what is technically possible and economically viable, at BC&B we have the experience and tools necessary to accompany our clients on the path from the idea to the market and thus enhance their capabilities as true innovators.

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We are experts in getting the most out of your inventions, starting with the analysis of the best strategy to protect them. We start with the certainty that your process in Mexico and abroad will be carried out under the best standards of quality and technical-legal advice at the lowest possible cost and, of course, with the best advisory service for their maintenance and to enforce them protecting your interests.

Knowledge management has become a fundamental element for maximizing its positive impact on organizations and improving competitiveness, but it has not been developed at the same level as other key functions. Our methodology allows us to increase the value of what is already done through knowledge and to establish specific procedures for its management.

The development of technology, its assimilation, and innovation in general are only a good wish if actions are not identified with the people in charge of them, execution times, resources and concrete objectives that lead to its materialization. We support our clients in the design and management of the projects that will make their innovation strategies a reality.

We promote the innovation strategies of our clients by identifying available technical solutions, evaluating the alternatives to select the most appropriate to their needs, negotiating the best conditions for their acquisition, and reducing the risk of infringing third party rights.

Innovation requires clear information analysis processes that allow making decisions aligned with strategic plans. To this end, we conduct intelligence studies by organizing and analyzing relevant and pertinent information from multiple data sources, custom-designed to make timely strategic decisions oriented towards innovation.

We know that creating a company whose main advantage is a new technology or knowledge is a challenge that goes beyond technical principles and innovation itself. That is why we provide advice for the corporate design of new companies and the development of business plans that facilitate the search for government and private funds, which will allow new companies to have the basic structure necessary to receive investment and face the risks inherent to a new business.

Innovation is a long and financially risky process. In Mexico, public policies have recognized this and there are currently several options to support innovation and technological development projects. Through our Technology Transfer Office recognized by PROSOFT 4.0, we advise our clients to choose the most appropriate funds available for their projects, to design high quality proposals and to manage the projects once the funds are obtained to ensure that they administratively comply with the requirements of the selected fund.

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We offer a wide range of services related to intellectual property to comprehensively support our clients.


We accompany you from the moment you conceive a good idea until you take it to the market. Regardless of the stage of development, we boost your project through financing and technology transfer strategies, as well as designing or complementing your business plan.

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We help you keep those competitive advantages that you have identified and maintain them exclusively through the multiple alternatives that intellectual property has to offer.

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Our law & business model provides you with the legal, administrative and technical tools to make strategic decisions and maximize the value of your knowledge and competitive advantages.

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Free Evaluation

We evaluate your technology with our methodology free of charge to determine if you meet the most important requirements to achieve commercialization.

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