Business Transformation focused on RETAIL

Identifying initiatives that enhance your profitability

  • Market potential diagnosis
  • Short and long-term strategic planning.
  • Raid and Operations surge projects in Mexico
  • Profitability optimization strategies

Maximizing marketing, sales and purchases processes

  • Retail potential diagnosis (brand, product, price, competition, channels).
  • Development of Go-To-Market Strategy (Commercial, Operational and Financial Model).
  • Implementation of Go-To-Market Strategy with Fractional Talent model.
  • Commercial Lobbying Service for channel opening.

Our methodology based on Design Thinking will maximize your innovation.

  • Certification in Design Thinking (MIT) for innovation projects.
  • Team development & in-house innovation projects.
  • Design of business prototypes and test plans.
  • T.I.M.E. Methodology to follow up the execution of innovation initiatives.

  • Diagnosis of E-Commerce potential.
  • Business plan for E-Commerce start-up.
  • Development of commercial, financial and logistic processes.
  • Digital communication strategies and plans.

  • Surveys organization
  • Organization of Focus Groups focused on Retail.

  • Specialized psychometric tests.
  • Commercial profiling.

  • First Business Community focused on Retail in Mexico.
  • Collaborative challenge solving sessions, executive training and networking.


Rent of Executives with proven experience by the hour or week.

We offer leadership in specific areas or projects of your company.

"Business Task Force" for general interventions

Know-how and know-who at a fraction of the cost

Efficient alternative for SMEs, Startups and foreign companies

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Small and Medium Enterprises

Companies operating in retail ecosystems, either operating chain stores or selling to large retail chains.

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Large Enterprises

Due to limitations of people, resources or focus, they have specific opportunities that move the needle in their profit generation and require external advice to lead the process.

These are some of the companies to which transformation we have contributed

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