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At BC&B Law we have the infrastructure and human capital that allow us to protect, maintain, defend and extract value from the property rights over our clients' intellectual creations, both in Mexico and abroad.

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We assist our clients with timely advice to obtain, protect and maintain their trademarks, always seeking the greatest benefit to have the broadest and safest protection. From the beginning we provide our clients with clarity and certainty as to the feasibility of obtaining the trademarks of interest and understanding the business strategy to seek the ideal protection for their trademark portfolio. We also provide advice to keep these always updated, constantly seeking to keep a close relationship between the trademarks that are protected and the trademarks that are actually used.

Because we know how important the due treatment of their works is for authors, we are concerned about offering our clients the integral advice that guarantees their due protection and defense, advising them at all times on how to document, protect, exploit and, if necessary, defend their copyrights.

In such a competitive market where the content in technological platforms is fundamental, an integral protection in the commercial strategies involves considering the obtaining, protection, and adequate maintenance of domain names. The advice we provide to our clients always seeks to foresee integral strategies to achieve a comprehensive protection of their most important intangible assets.

After obtaining the patent, registration or breeder's title, it is of vital importance to be precise in the management and maintenance of the intellectual property rights portfolio. We are pioneers in the use of technological tools that allow us to comply with renewals and annuities of both individual rights and the largest portfolios.

We offer translation services focused on the specific technical or legal area of the particular case. Our in-house translation team is made up of translators with technical and legal training, some of them have the capacity to act as industrial property agents, so that with the knowledge of the subject matter and the procedures for obtaining and defending a right, they ensure the highest quality in our translations.

We are experts in getting the most out of your inventions, starting with the analysis of the best strategy to protect them. We start with the certainty that your process in Mexico and abroad will be carried out under the best standards of quality and technical-legal advice at the lowest possible cost and, of course, with the best advisory service for their maintenance and to enforce them protecting your interests.

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