Administrative Solutions

Administrative Solutions

In an evolving business world, the efficient management of back-office operations is essential to the success of any organization. At BC&B, we understand the importance of keeping your business processes in order and optimized.

Our services include


At BC&B. Recruitment we become your strategic partner, understanding the needs of our clients in order to find the right talent and boost the potential of your organization. We draw on our own experience to understand market needs and find the best talent.


  • Payroll calculation and payment
  • CFDI elaboration
  • Labor File Integration
  • Elaboration of labor contracts
  • Presentation of obligations before the labor authorities

Accounting and Taxes

  • Implementation of the chart of accounts
  • Registration of daily operations generated by its activity
  • Control of the Fixed Assets and Inventories of the company
  • Invoicing and Validation of CFDI's
  • Presentation of financial statements according to local or international regulations in force
  • Integral Accounting
  • Compliance with Financial Regulations

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