If you are starting a business or want to make it grow, we have the solutions that will allow you to do so, making the most of the available incentives to maximize your competitive advantages. Within these solutions we support small, medium and large companie s so they can transform and enhance their business. Using a Fractional Talent model, we rent time fractions of high level executives at a percentag e of the cost of having them permanently.

Business Consultancy

We help you optimize your business strategies based on data analytics, allowing you to make informed and accurate decisions with a higher probability of success.

Business Transformation

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Together we develop and transform your business. Our innovative model allows us to offer an excellent cost benefit to both SMEs and large corporations.

OUR MODEL: FRACTIONAL MANAGEMENT rent of Executives with proven experience per hour or week.

The Retail Community

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It is the first retail community in Mexico.
Retail is complex and today's business pace is fast. The way in which experience is created is through the internal work of each organization and this results in limited functional training. Our main objective is to establish a collaborative community that fosters innovation and transformation of businesses that operate in retail ecosystems.

Administrative Services Solutions

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BC&B becomes your strategic partner in administrative solutions such as:

  • Recruiting
  • Payroll
  • Accounting and Taxes

Digital Transformation

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Our Digital Transformation area specializes in providing solutions in the areas of Marketing, Technology and E-Commerce, with the comprehensive business vision that characterizes BC&B and makes us unique in the market. With the support of a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, marketing consultants and creative specialists, we develop projects aimed at strengthening the commercial and business processes of our clients, taking advantage of the most modern digital tools.

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